The Global Footprint

DreamFire is an information technology services company headquartered in Bangalore with sales offices in Santa Clara, New York, London, Delhi and Mumbai. It's services offerings can be broadly classified into Consulting, Technology & Outsourcing.

Flagship Offering

DreamFire's flagship services offering is Web Strategy Consulting. It has acquired large, medium and small accounts including Fortune 500 enterprises in this arena.

Strategic Alliances

The Enterprise IT space keeps evolving. Dramatic changes ensure that no single vendor can provide affordable, scalable, and adaptable solutions. DreamFire's alliances and strategic partnerships with big-league IT vendors guarantee a tightly integrated product suite.

DreamFire works with established leaders in the solutions landscape. IBM, one of DreamFire’s biggest partners, collaborates in various geographies around the globe to deliver robust and effective solutions.

Core Values

DreamFire’s core values are based on skill, attitude and people. Collaborative teamwork, respect for every individual, continuous learning and innovative thinking are part of the company's DNA.

Industry experts concur that DreamFire creates dynamic solutions that deliver real-time, measurable value. In today's fast paced and deadline-driven business environment, enterprise transformations are hard work. Dedicated IT is a misnomer. Dreamfire develops dynamic interfaces and scalable enterprise resource systems.

The Value Proposition

DreamFire’s multidimensional approach – Mature solutions, Business & Domain expertise and Local market knowledge – enables it to better serve its customers. DreamFire’s deep understanding of the IT ecosystem helps in creating configurable, scalable & reliable business applications. The company assists customers in diverse areas such as consulting, system integration and outsourcing.

DreamFire’s commitment to quality and belief in human resources helps in delivering quick-turnaround, high-value deliverables.