The Enterprise IT space keeps evolving. Dramatic changes ensure that no single vendor can provide affordable, scalable, and adaptable solutions. Dreamfire's alliances and strategic partnerships with big-league IT vendors guarantee a tightly integrated product suite.

We work with established leaders in the solutions landscape. IBM, one of our biggest partners, collaborates with Dreamfire in various geographies around the globe to deliver robust and effective solutions.

The company works on a comprehensive IBM solution suite including Tivoli, Websphere, and Lotus Notes. We actively engage with the System Technology group to build enterprise data centers. Dreamfire networks with various IBM divisions to offer an adaptable, scalable solution stack.  

Most alliances in the enterprise space are to deliver the superlative, end-to-end solutions CXOs want. With an extensive network of partners complementing our capabilities, Dreamfire is committed to creating high-impact solutions in the technology arena. Our alliances are uniquely customized to meet the needs of our partners.

Global engagements are set to increase. The dynamic leadership, management and human resources at Dreamfire ensure that creation of collaborations is an ongoing process.