At DreamFire where work is our passion, every person contributes to the team. The onus lies on one and all. At DreamFire we look for the right mix of attitude, skills and work experience.

There is a critical need to foster a go-getter attitude and a drive to get work done no matter what challenges come on the way. We look for an ability to be flexible and customize oneself as per the situation.

The firm looks for passion and innovation to lead and work. To create a difference, the individual needs courage to steering the company. Meeting broader business goals and challenging self-defined boundaries becomes easy.

Skill sets and domain expertise to be able to excel in various verticals is a mandatory prerequisite. This combined with an ability to multi-task and an open frame of mind to update skills will go a long way in paving one's’ way to the top.

We look for daredevils who create magic. As part of our team, delivering world-class value can help our team and the industry to grow dramatically.

At a time of global convergence, we are looking for people who are propelled by the power of their dreams and equipped with experience, expertise and vision to collaborate and sustain DreamFire’s  standard of excellence.