Executive Summary

A fully owned subsidiary of the Barclays Group, the Technology Centre in India offers services such as architecture, application design and development to global majors. The company urgently needed a team with the requisite FatWire skills. Dreamfire’s forte lies in developing multi-pronged solutions for Fortune 500 clients.

Expertise and experience make us a trusted partner in a range of IT services. Our long relationship with FatWire makes Dreamfire the best bet to revamp your organizational infrastructure.

In collaboration with Dreamfire, the Barclays Technology Center in India created a customized training program. We tackled the lack of existing FatWire skill-sets with a dynamic training program incorporating global best practices. Our team with its core competencies created a win-win solution for the Barclays Technology Centre.

Customer:   Barclays Technology Centre


Industry: Technology

Geography: India

Business Challenge

One of the oldest banking groups in the world, Barclays operates in over 50 countries and employs nearly 147,500 people. The company’s services include credit cards, insurance, loans, mortgages et al. Despite global volatility and the economic recession, Barclays remained largely unaffected.

Even though the group has one of the most intricate banking websites handling huge volumes daily, Barclays lacked a team with the requisite FatWire skills. Barclays was aware of Dreamfire’s history of delivering best-of-breed solutions. The company uses the proprietary FatWire system to power its websites and build interactive marketing campaigns.

Building a team with the requisite skill-sets was proving to be a challenge. Tweaking the existing system, overseeing development, and creating a value-added framework were important priorities for the firm. Dreamfire was called in to create an onsite customized training program that enabled the team to proactively transform their existing setup. Barclays identified five people with the requisite background in web technology, relevant experience and key skill-sets for the program. These were the project manager, project leader, senior developer, developer and system administrator.

Our training methodologies ensured an innovative system was created to make Barclays up-to-speed with mission-critical FatWire skills. Most organizations use FatWire to accelerate time-to-market and provide ease of maintenance for a dynamic web presence.

At Dreamfire, we have extensive experience and expertise in delivering high-quality deliverables and top-of-the-line solutions. Our strategies and project execution is in line with global best practices. In co-ordination with the development team, we do comprehensive project planning and ensure holistic execution takes place.

At Barclays Technology Center India, there was a very specific need. The company needed a dynamic training program that brought all stakeholders in line with current FatWire methodologies. Dreamfire’s visionary team was deployed to bring about proactive change at Barclays.

Business Outcome

Top management at the Barclays Group required a team that delivered value in real-time. With an impeccable track record of creating specific, focused solutions for clients, Dreamfire ensured a superlative onsite training program was delivered to the Barclays Group.

Innovative training methodology developed in house at Dreamfire enabled staff to optimize performance and create a paradigm shift in the way technical skills were imparted. We made sure that high-quality deliverables are delivered to the client.

Dreamfire conducted an org-wide review at Barclays to assess the most critical skill-sets. Our team mapped requisite functional requirements and core competencies. Creating a comprehensive training plan requires considerable effort, intense focus and in-depth analysis. At Dreamfire, we believe in creating value with our path-breaking, dynamic solutions.

The most important challenge in the Barclays project was content management, administering FatWire, and developing a specific website which was scalable, secure, robust and innovative. We ensured that key training program KPIs and SLAs were met in real-time. Organizations usually appreciate our innovative programs, outstanding content, and facilitation of creative and meaningful personal development.

Real-Time Benefits

Barclays appreciated our intensive training program, depth of content and insightful delivery. Dreamfire’s high-level training mapping ensured that the team was always in sync with key organizational aims, activities and important functional parameters.

Most Fatwire solutions are characterized by complete business user control over presentation of content with scalable architecture for impressive content delivery and deployment in various sites. Features such as Dash UI, InSite Editing, and Advanced UI enable corporate users to ensure right content is delivered in quick-time.

At Dreamfire, our constant endeavor is to ensure client needs are met. The FatWire CMS was integrated with the existing Barclays enterprise setup. Dreamfire made sure that the FatWire operating environment was set up. The FatWire Content Server is a pure 100% J2EE application runs natively on all major application servers and is able to consume and expose content through an intricate Web Services interface. It is also able to import and export content in XML.

Dreamfire’s implementation ensured that key project stakeholders were conversant with every important feature of the FatWire CMS. Client needs including most compliance requirements, archiving features, localization, internationalization, taxonomy management are met by the solution suite.

Our intensive and focused training helped Barclays Technology Center India leverage the power of the FatWire platform. In today's networked enterprise, information often exists in silos. Dreamfire’s training program was meant to educate all relevant stakeholders of the inherent potential of the FatWire Content Server.

Streamlined workflows, greater innovation, creative dexterity and granular fine-tuning – these were only some of the benefits Barclays experienced as a result of our focused training program. Dreamfire’s extensive expertise and Fatwire WCM experience was heartily appreciated at the India Technology Center. The training ensured self-reliance, and helped the team achieve key operational metrics, manage content effectively, and create more innovative campaigns.


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