The Indian Register of Shipping (IRS - is an internationally recognized independent ship classification society, founded in India in 1975. IRS provides professionally competent, completely independent and highly efficient third party technical inspection and certification services for all types of marine craft and structures.

Challenges faced

IRS lacked the expansibility, compatibility and reusability of developing a WCM that suits the requirement of all business users.

IRS required an easy to use portal to enable the publishing of the online content in a presentable user interface (UI) format and where departments could manage their own content without the need for IT intervention and solve content management issues such as rights management and website resource construction.

  • The client’s existing portal was obsolete with and required a complete overhaul to match new web standards and compliance challenges
  • The client wanted context to drive the content in the new website to ensure a seamless flow of information for the user
  • The other key challenge was to improve communications and interactions with internal and external stakeholders to ensure a complete User Experience
  • Being an international certification body, approval and compliance requirements were necessary to be met with role-based security and approvals
  • Have a complete repository of industry and company information online, which would be easy to search and retrieve

The Solution – Drupal based Open Source WCM portal

IRS selected DreamFire Interactive as its solution partner, based on DreamFire’s proven expertise and experience on providing timely and state of the art WCM solutions. On understanding the IRS’ business challenges and requirements, DreamFire recommended the adoption of Drupal as the portal solution.

Drupal’s robust Web Content Management (WCM) built on PHP and MySQLallows users to easily publish, manage and organize a large variety of content on a website. This web content management system will also help facilitate the collaborative creation of websites or portlets.

  • Drupal is extremely user-friendly and allows administrators to manage and organize the release of new content
  • Drupal is extremely adaptable, very reliable and, as Open Source software, is without a license fee, so a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is ensured – Open Deployment
  • Drupal makes it easy for users to interact on a web site and is ideal for social networking and multimedia applications – Open Data
  • Content and Style is separated in Drupal which allows content managers to update the content without getting bothered by the style and other technical aspects -- Open Architecture
  • Drupal based WCM is very scalable, reliable and ensures high quality Web Content delivery for a large number of users – Anytime, Anywhere Web publishing
  • Drupal allows rules based authentication procedures to implement the highest level of security and compliance requirements

Key Benefits - Simplified and Accelerated WCM for IRS

The new WCM portal, implemented in record time by DreamFire Interactive has the following set of client specific benefits which are now an industry standard and industry best practice.

  • Rapid deployment – the plug and play architecture ensured rapid deployment of the portal like a true development framework
  • Dynamic Content – the portal now has capabilities for image galleries, video streams, text documents for the industry requirements and is also scalable enough to have social networking connectivity
  • Contextual Content – the user interface is highly revamped and allows to use the content freely without worrying about the synchronization and content duplication
  • Short learning curve - The new system is easy to comprehend, eliminates IT bottlenecks and most importantly has reduced operational costs with zero license fee and no vendor lock-in
  • Low maintenance cost – Being easy to learn and manage, the overall maintenance cost of the system is friendly on the organization’s IT budget

The new portal simplifies IRS’s business processes of accreditation, testing, ship registration and provides relevant information to business users at real time.