Established in 1980, the company is currently developing in excess of 30 million sq ft of prime real estate in 27 projects. The company currently employs 2300 associates and provides site-based employment to over 25,000 workers.



  • High Volume of Design documents stored, edited, accessed, controlled via shared folder
  • Rights management, authorization, authentication, easy retrieval, information architecture, critically needed, but absent
  • Workflow based repository system to handle documents
  • Centralized access and single sign-on
  • Lack of proper audit trail - Regulatory requirement


The Solution – Open source based Enterprise Content Management (ECM):

The group appointed DreamFire Interactive to deploy a solution based on DreamFire’s proven track record of consulting and implementing large Enterprise Content management systems focused on user experience and adoption. DreamFire, through an intense dialogue itemized the core ECM system requirement as:

  • Open Source solution to significantly reduce development costs through free community participation
  • No upfront License fees and ongoing support based on SLAs amortized as annual fee resulting in low Total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • Out of the box (OOB) functionalities  for ease of adaptability, core product integration and reduced development time
  • Highly scalable and reusable across multiple departments and content types within the organization
  • Flexible business model to suit changing business requirement


Key Benefits:

The new open source based ECM system implemented by DreamFire enhances user experience and drives adoption.

  • Efficiency – Process turnaround efficiencies has improved dramatically
  • Search & Retrieve – Integrated search functions follows a familiar folder system which is easy to navigate
  • Collaboration – Smart templates and virtual workrooms make it easier to understand and visualize any project’s lifecycle
  • Share – Calendar and discussion boards for easy communication and information sharing within the project
  • Rapid deployment – Many out of the box features ensured the entire system is up and running ahead of schedule

DreamFire’s ECM solution has enabled an efficient, reliable and secure system for the organization’s business critical design assets.