Having represented a number of new developments and rentals, Platinum Properties has become one of the fastest growing luxury residential brokerage firms in the New York City area. Since its founding the company has expanded internationally, with the opening of an office in Paris, France, as well as a second Manhattan office in Midtown. Staffed with five brokers in 2005, Platinum Properties now has over 65 agents and 10 full-time employees. The firm launched an in-house management division, The Platinum Management Program, in 2009, and now also offers commercial real estate financial advising.




Create an industry-best web presence for home-buyers to plan, research, collaborate and guide in their search for a dream house

  • Reflect the Platinum brand as it is today - dynamic, modern and bold
  • Provide locally tailored content for neighborhoods and properties 
  • Robust listings engine and comprehensive information on property
  • An elevated marketing platform for agents to support their business
  • Integrated platform across listings, agents, social media, neighborhoods, news and resources


  • Context Relevant Resources: Contextual tools on the website enable users to refine their search, choose agents based on location and language, and utilize mapping devices while real-time news and how-to guides provide a complete experience. 

  • Advanced Search Optimization: A seamless transition for existing traffic and sophisticated SEO for incremental traffic to the website. Todays customers look at the online channel as the first step in a home buying process, hence, more traffic equates to more revenue.

  • Provide an optimal customer experience: Platinum uses DreamFire listings engine to optimize online user experience. Integrated “We’ll Call You” and “Live Chat” utilities help customers with a direct channel to Platinum agents and management. The website offers feature to text listings aside of custom print and email function to address varying customer sophistication.

  • Easy web publishing: Built on open architecture and cutting-edge platform - Drupal. Drupal is a sophisticated and flexible web experience management system used to power websites for entities such as NYSE Euronext and National Geographic. Besides authoring content, Platinum's agents and office personnel can now independently publish new or updated pages or delete content without the intervention of an agency, a system integrator, or Platinum's IT department. Users with adequate permissions can set up workflows to support and monitor the process of publishing new or updated content for press, agents, listings, resources.
  • Social collaboration: Social collaboration in the form of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest support Platinum's desire to cultivate a true intimacy with its customers. Customers can interact with other customers, allowing Platinum to understand their needs and experiences with Platinum's service.
  • Intuitive: The new site takes an intuitive approach to the needs in a locality. Where you eat, drink, shop or sweat; with public utility information on transportation help save valuable time in choosing the right neighborhood. Those who hate detail and prefer the BIG picture, customers can walk into a neighborhood which is ‘Trendy’, ‘Artsy’, ‘Nightlife’, ‘Shopping’ or just ‘Peace & Quiet’.