Network Global Logistics (NGL - was established in 1971 as the first air courier company specializing in first flight courier services. It later expanded into mission-critical warehousing, distribution and related logistics services. Today it is the leader in mission-critical delivery and efficient distribution and a key player in freight, supply chain, warehousing and all third-party logistics (3PL) solutions.

Challenges faced

NGL wanted to position itself as the leading provider of third-party logistics solutions in a crowded, competitive global commerce industry.

The existing website was not serving the purpose – showcasing NGL as a cutting edge 3PL provider focused on customer service and latest technology platforms. NGL wanted to incorporate its fully optimized back-end processes with a simplistic and interactive User Interface, enhancing the overall User Experience.

  • NGL aimed to enhance its web interface with the latest web standards while complying with industry regulations
  • Integration with back-end systems including Transportation Management, Warehouse Management, Finance, ERP, GRC and in sync with overall business goals
  • The in-built logistics engine to cater to NGL’s business functions – Transportation Service, Supply Chain Solutions, Multi-tenant Warehousing, Ecommerce Order Fulfillment, Manufacturing Support and Service Parts Logistics
  • An interactive website which is flexible and easy to administer
  • Emphasis on global reach and Social Media being an important part of the ecosystem
  • Streamlining workflows to gain efficiencies, improve customer service and better utilization of assets

The Solution – Drupal based Web Portal with Integrated Logistics Engine (ILE)

NGL partnered DreamFire Interactive for the process of revamping its online web presence. After deliberating on NGL’s unique challenges and requirements, DreamFire recommended Drupal, the Open Source Content and Portal management tool as the preferred solution.

As an Open Source product, Drupal can be easily deployed for Corporate Websites and Business Platforms. Drupal can be leveraged to deliver a branded experience for engaging prospects, customers, partners and all related processes within a typical business scenario.

  • Drupal is well endowed to incorporate new capabilities, adopt to changing business environments while minimizing costs
  • Being an Open Source solution, Drupal comes without a license fee, thus ensuring a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Drupal excels at both the economics and capabilities for a Business Platform having diverse internal systems
  • Drupal delivers a web application development environment assembling content, community and commerce
  • It provides the ease of managing various data formats, optimize content delivery for search engines, publish content directly to social media sites and also enable mobile applications

Key Benefits to NGL – An Integrated Logistics portal addressing all business functions

The revamped portal for NGL, developed by DreamFire, addresses the unique challenges of a 3rd Party Logistics Provider.

  • Ease of Use – The new portal is extremely easy to navigate with friendly search and site architecture
  • A Platform – Access all services in an integrated fashion with seamless connectivity and access
  • Forward planning – the new portal has an emphasis on resources and tools for customers to plan and implement their logistics solutions
  • Efficiency – A content management system to facilitate collaborative content creation and rapid publishing, providing customers with faster updates
  • Context – Delivery of contextual and relevant content on all pages
  • Incorporate Savings – Lack of license fee, ease of management and a quick learning curve ensures healthy savings for the organization
  • Going Social – Social media integration to facilitate collaboration among external and internal stakeholders for ease of communication and efficient decision making

With the Integrated Logistics Engine (ILE), the new website helps NGL continue its leadership as asingle stop, third-party logistics solutions provider globally.