Executive Summary

Eliciting a smile on the faces of your employees who form the heart and soul of your organization is one of the toughest challenges that Multi National Corporations the world over are facing. Retaining, motivating and tracking your work-pool in contemporary times when switching jobs and poaching of talent are the norm is a tough nut to crack.

We at Dreamfire nourish and establish the smiling relationship between you and your employees with our proven customized holistic solutions. We mediate relationships via technology and touch hearts by going a step further to make our solutions work for you.

Customer    :  EMC Corporation

URL             :  www.emc.com

Industry      :  Technology

Geography  :  India

Business Challenge

EMC Corporation, a Fortune 500 company dealing in information infrastructure and services has 3500 Indian employees and retaining and rejuvenating their talent pool is one of their key concerns. So the quest was to envision a common platform wherein employees could collaborate, communicate and share their information, grievances or feedback backed by drives to generate interest around these employee friendly initiatives. The challenge lay in translating this vision into reality wherein no employee remained untouched and the sparkle of the hint of a smile was generated in the hearts of EMC employees.

Business Outcome

The intranet that we built has customizable features so that the each employee has the option to customize it to reflect his taste and preferences. This made the employees feel at home and increased their sense of identity with the intranet. The intranet with its improved information architecture, fresh look and design, enhanced user interface, integration with web content management system, collaborative tools, options for uploading videos and photos found a resonance with the EMC employees. Along with it many employee friendly initiatives were initiated to promote and award employee innovation, leadership and initiative. All this was backed by engaging events that ran parallel in the EMC campus to generate the buzz and create employee engagement.

The holistic multi-pronged approach of exhaustive coverage of the employee friendly drives from all possible channels resulted in initiating employee loyalty, promoting efficiency, increasing accountability and transparency and transformed EMC into a place which the employees started identifying as a home away from home.