Executive Summary

Speed, criticality of information, and creating streamlined workflows are typical constraints in any business environment. An IBM server product, Lotus Domino gives users enterprise-grade e-mail, collaboration capabilities, and a customized application platform.

An exclusive partnership with IBM helps Dreamfire deliver a portfolio of collaborative tools from the Lotus software family that empowers people to be more effective, responsive and innovative.

The Universal Group required a solution that addressed their need for zero downtime, better manageability and mail tracking. A look at how Universal leveraged Dreamfire’s technical expertise to create an intricate, robust and scalable mailing network for employees nationwide.

Customer:   Universal Group
URL: www.universalgroupindia.com
Industry: Real Estate
Geography: India

Business Challenge

Enterprise collaboration is critical in today’s dynamic real-time business environments. Founded in 2004, the Universal Group has a presence in key segments of the Indian real estate industry: such as the commercial, residential, retail and hospitality sectors. The real estate market today is dynamic, volatile and multi-faceted.

The group’s real estate development activities include land identification and acquisition, project planning, designing, marketing and execution with the customer et al. The Universal Group’s existing web-hosted mailing solution was in place for seven years. Zero downtime was critical for the group as the team handles multiple activities daily. The absence of an enterprise interconnect, need for multi-tasking, ease of use were some of top management’s key concerns.

The Lotus Domino line of products uses a document-oriented database called NSF (Notes Storage Facility) to manage semi-structured data including rich text and files. Unified enterprise messaging became simpler with Dreamfire’s implementation of Domino 8.5. The Universal Group used a legacy system inadequate for a rapidly growing organization. This was when Dreamfire created a customized solution guaranteed to dramatically reduce TCO, enhance business returns and maximize value.

Installing e-mail servers requires foresight, careful planning and in-depth client analysis. Dreamfire manages enterprise deployments with ease due to its core technical competencies. There is some debate on the virtues of Microsoft Outlook vis-à-vis Lotus Domino 8.5. According to most industry experts, ease of installation, interoperability, features, performance and price make IBM’s Lotus Domino 8.5 a clear winner.

Business Outcome

Most users at the Universal group wanted better server manageability. The existing solution had limited features and suffered frequent downtime. The company needed a more fine-tuned, granular solution which was easily customizable. Dreamfire delivered a technically superlative product to ensure mail tracking and enable transmission of heavy files. Automatic alerts, reports, and a group mailbox are some other advantages of the solution suite. Domino release 8.5 also offers the -daos on compact option to move attachments in existing documents into the DAOS repository while performing a copy-style compact. This is extremely beneficial for administrators in a Domino environment.

The existing mailing arrangement also did not have instant messaging features. With a legacy of creating user-focused, easily manageable, and creative solutions, Dreamfire stepped in to save the day. An additional caveat was enterprise collaboration. We provided a group mailbox facility to help the client access a single inbox. Lotus Domino and its client software options provide users with a reliable, security-rich messaging and collaboration environment. Dreamfire’s implementation helped the Universal Group enhance productivity of people, streamline business processes and drastically improve response times.

Rapid Deployment

The company appreciated Dreamfire’s quick deployment and proactive approach. Existing users often complained about the existing mail solution as it was not scalable, robust and secure. The sales environment is very fast paced, and requires quick networking along with impeccable industry insight. Operating in one of the country’s fastest growing and toughest real-estate markets, the sales team needed a dynamic, focused solution. Dreamfire gave them an answer with speed, adaptability and real-time collaborative capabilities. Usability was another concern. We delivered an easy-to use product with multiple features and enhancements.

Dreamfire took up the challenge of translating customer requirements into an extremely versatile enterprise solution suite. The sales team at the Universal Group appreciated Dreamfire’s functional expertise. Post-deployment, employee morale and company productivityare at an all-time high. With a history of implementing best-of-breed solutions, Dreamfire is always ready to take on new challenges.