An overview of our industry driven offerings.

Public Sector

Organizations must collaborate in order to improve services to citizens, corporate and other agencies while not escalating costs.


The energy industry is in a state of flux trying to balance its twin objectives of being an engine for economic growth.


Now more than ever, it is essential that your school, university or institution is at par with the latest technology.

Financial Services

Financial services are a high-impact, extremely challenging, and fast-moving sector. Dreamfire gives your company the competitive edge with interesting and adaptive solutions.


Manufacturing is one of the most critical components of a country's economy. The rapid loss of competitive advantage is one of the major concerns of any enterprise.

Retail & Distribution

In today’s retail market where the customer is the king, consumers should get what they want, when they want, where they want.


Technology is mediating the way content is generated, distributed across multiple media channels like Print, Web, Mobile,Electronics etc.

Life Sciences & Healthcare

One of the most dynamic sectors worldwide, life sciences and healthcare demands clever intuitive solutions. Dreamfire's unique software suite creates an unmatched value proposition.

Real Estate

One of the most dynamic and high business impact sectors globally, real estate poses a lot of challenges to industry CXOs. With a comprehensive solution suite Dreamfire delivers value like never before.