For the education landscape it’s now or never. The pressing need of the hour is to transform a Higher Education academic institution into an E-University,so that no one is left behind in the race to have technology at their fingertips.

Value Proposition by Dreamfire

In higher education, technology has a pervasive influence. Now more than ever, it is essential that your school, university or institution is at par with latest technology. To ensure that your students, educators and administrators are tech-savvy, we collaborate with the best to make technology work for you.

 We revolutionize the way your administration manages, educators teach and students learn.

Dreamfire Education Sector Solutions

Our highly customized solutions are built around your needs. It is our ideas that make a difference and give your business the competitive edge.

  • e-University: Increases accountability, transparency and efficiency by ensuring workflow management.
  • Promoting e-learning: Student self-help online facilities empowers them to explore possibilities within the campus.
  • Collaborative tools plug loopholes in communication between the administrators, teachers and students.
  • IT infrastructure
  • Soft skills training
  • Data management: Acquisition, Migration, Standardization, Cataloguing, Cleansing, Archival, Retrieval.
  • IT-based learning-delivery platforms enhance the classroom learning experience.