Real Estate is one of the most dynamic sectors in today’s competitive business environment. Savvy real-estate professionals use technology and the internet to generate leads and create sustained interest.

Fierce competition in the United States, continental Europe and the rest of the world has led to an incredible amount of traction in the industry. The economic recession, declining commercial and residential values, and inability to access sufficient credit are some of the problems with the real estate market.

Real Estate Investment trusts, realtors, developers, real estate operating companies are increasingly using technology to create extremely interesting solutions that make the customer experience more memorable.

The use of personal workstations, smart phones, contact management software, intranets, global positioning systems, mapping, et al can create incredibly dynamic and cost-effective solutions.

The firm’s ability to reduce time-to-market generates volumes in an exceedingly competitive world. Real estate is an extremely complex and demanding field. It requires client-service teams that proactively care for the consumer.

With firms operating globally, structuring huge acquisitions, making international public disclosures, generating cost segregation studies, preparing U.S. income forms including 1120-REIT are some of the important tasks real estate companies do regularly.

Value Proposition by Dreamfire

Dreamfire creates tailor-made strategies that take care of every conceivable real-estate need. We are adaptable, agile and deliver real-time insightful solutions with high business impact.

With our vast domain expertise, cutting-edge technology skills and creative approach, we believe in creating enterprise transformations.

The real estate industry is on the verge of a massive change. Consolidation, long-term availability, underinvestment, overvaluation, and myriad business trends are tackled by real estate professionals and the entire fraternity.

Our solutions are customized to make every realtor and company happy. We create impeccable, cost-effective, scalable and robust best-of-breed solutions to help you make informed and responsive decisions.

Dreamfire’s expertise and innovative approach helps you make the right choices at any time. We are always willing to help you execute the most comprehensive business solutions and supplement your existing capabilities with our exclusive technical skillsets.

Dreamfire Real Estate Solutions:

Dreamfire’s real estate solutions are geared to making your business more productive and in sync with an ever-changing, fast paced global business environment.

Most of our products are geared to keeping realtors and the industry apprised of an incredibly versatile and creative marketplace.

Some of our industry-leading solutions are:

  • IT infrastructure support along with professional maintenance and project management services.
  • Investment analytics: Market and financial feasibility analyses and comprehensive valuations, due diligence for any property acquisition or dispositions, and structuring deals.
  • Process Management: In a dynamic world, a busy CXO hardly has any time. Dreamfire takes care of every conceivable need of your firm along with implementation assistance. We assist you in the RFP process to help you proactively identify the best possible deal with different sellers, and get appropriate funding.
  • Assisting companies with automation solutions: Generate the best sales leads with minimal effort. Automate sales workflows.
  • Invoicing In Real Estate: We design dynamic solutions and a comprehensive billing system to create and send bills online. Help in computing service tax and related financial solutions.
  • Image Management: Dreamfire helps real estate companies with a holistic PR package. We help in branding, creating awareness, and reminding customers with customized and targeted communication strategies.
  • Incredible Web Design: Dreamfire creates a superlative web platform with next-generation networking. We assist realtors, professionals and companies with a dynamic, real-time social networking platform and collaborative capabilities. With customized competencies, our web design helps you take your business to the next level.