With consumers becoming increasingly multidimensional, multi-tasking is common and most media is competing for attention.

Customers are always aware of effective, sufficiently visible, and attractive ads. Establishing global standards and subject-specific special interest groups can help define and shape the future of the marketing profession.

Targeting customers in more specific, focused ways is effective in planning strategy. As the whole spectrum evolves, mobile, special and interactive ideas will increasingly become more widespread. Intuition, experience are necessary skillsets along with bland data. A diverse group of people with genuine insight into human nature can help see possibilities where other people potentially advocate problems.

Get involved in discussion forums based on the latest marketing issues, as well as specialist interest areas. Digital marketing groups are based on multiple parameters including market research, analytics, user experience design, teleservices, measuring campaign parameters etc.

Multichannel Marketing Efforts

In the future, there are going to be multiple data collection points from various multichannel marketing efforts, both online as well as offline. Engaging with the customer requires a concerted effort to transition from traditional modes to more interactive, interesting reference points.

These groups can generate targeted learning opportunities for professionals. As awareness and understanding of relevant marketing channels increases, there is a specific need to intellectually decipher the underlying technology and ensure provisioning of appropriate communication.

Digital marketing needs to be fluid and flexible. For any organization, leveraging any information artifacts including the intranet, CRM solutions, or other web properties is essential when it comes to enhancing business processes. Buying and commissioning digital media products and services does not need to be painful. Connecting with people working in the field can be a veritable goldmine.

Constructive sharing of knowledge along with opportunities to share experiences is essential. Whether digital marketers have a social conscience is debatable. Most media practitioners take the middle path and diverse interest groups can look at the implications of interactive media in traditional or unconventional spaces.

Evolving Digital Brand Landscape

Social media marketing spend is now becoming big business. As the digital brand landscape becomes more complex, channelizing the right ideas can be a potential minefield. As with any industry, analyse what the competition is doing, look at industries with similar business models, and define your digital footprint.

The brand universe can be judged on multiple parameters including social, informational, transactional, and engagement variables. The millions of customers online represent a paradigm shift from the past when the primary method of interacting with people was through traditional, insipid non-linear methodologies.

The Online Storm

When Tim-Berners Lee invented the World Wide Web in 1995, he may not have realized the vast potential for ground-breaking change. The first banner ad in HotWired for AT&T was just the beginning of the e-commerce storm.

Broadband now increasingly impacts user behavior. As consumers are increasingly multidimensional, multi-tasking is common and most media is competing for attention. The interactive space today is a huge spectrum comprising of diverse and complimentary services including microsite development, Search Engine Marketing, branded entertainment, CRM applications and website development among others.

Generating Traction

For the consummate digital marketing professional, there is a need to constantly create value. Retention and growth are clearly baseline parameters. With millions of internet egotists, there is a clear fight to get to the top. The blogosphere has now extended to become part and parcel of our daily lives.

With a surfeit of information, the digital marketer has to sift through the clutter and redefine basic priorities. Real-time streams, search, and expectations are critical in today’s technology landscape.


All of us are now contributors to the great mass of online opinions. As consumer trends become increasingly specific, evolution in internet group interaction can aid the astute marketer in achieving his core objectives.

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