Mass-produced WCM solutions lack individuality. Focus on what really matters to you and the team.

A carefully planned web business strategy will utilize rich media, social networks, and mobile applications to tap into communities, learn more about computers, as well as drive actionable business change in areas such as sales, product development, supply chains and customer service to increase revenue, costs, and drive efficiency. Companies are now looking to use WCM within the context of a comprehensive customer experience management (CXM) strategy, designed to drive actionable business changes in areas including sales, business development, supply chains, and customer service et al.

Experts concur on a few important takeaways:

#1: Multi-channel content management a major pain point: Most firms are using their WCM systems to improve their multi-channel customer experience. It acts as a central repository for print, web, mobile, and Web content. Globalization and specificity are key factors, as the world is truly becoming a global village. Also, locale, brand, demographics, device, and customer behavior are core drivers for experience.

#2: Evolution of WCM, But No Vendor Has All CXM Components: Companies have shifted focus from WCM as a simple authoring and workflow tool, to an emphasis on holistic customer experience. Some key elements of the experience include on-site search, web content management, personalization and marketing automation, commerce platforms, customer service interaction management. Vendors in the space are vying to tightly integrate CXM components.

#3: One Size Does Not Fit All: This statement is pretty straightforward. We forgive you for imagining things. As serious industry veterans, Dreamfire is aware that a priority for one business may not be equally important to the other. Carefully, evaluate WCM solutions for different sectors such as finance, media, retail, business-to-business, information services, government as well as hospitality.

Mass-produced WCM solutions lack individuality. Focus on what really matters to you and the team. Spend sufficient time assessing specific needs, translating them into requirements, and strive for integration with existing business processes and specific technical architecture.

Customized solutions work. But most people do not have the time to demo anything but a general portfolio. Most key stakeholders need to be engaged. Bring additional carefully considered steps to your plan so that time and effort lead to proper alignment with business goals.

The Strong, Silent Implementation

One cannot plot with extreme certainty how much time a given WCM implementation lasts. Constant competition keeps everybody on their toes and there is relentless pressure to innovate. As consultants with years of in-depth expertise, we have identified some key drivers in every sector.

Hospitality relies more on multi-site management and brand consistency. A big international chain, such as, Marriott, Holiday Inn among others want their corporate image projected in a consistent fashion globally. Government agencies around the world emphasize on usability, workflow, and governance. International media works on the principle of universal distribution, digital asset management among others.

Strategy Endgame

With most retail business now shifting online, content targeting along with advanced personalization, and relevant data mining can help business flourish. A B2B portal may depend more on context integration; accessibility, and search integration. Big or small information-based setups depend largely on distributed content editing capabilities, separation of code, layout and content.

Corporate strategy has always been complex. Industry in any vertical has to contend with multiple issues including diversification, divestment, and judicious alignment of mission and vision with the brand. The firm needs to be greater than the sum of its parts. With multiple WCM products now available, choose carefully after considering your needs. At Dreamfire, we undertake a holistic evaluation of client needs and recommend comprehensive best-fit solutions. Years of experience with leading world-class brands, technical prowess, and true empathy help us help you.

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