No, I am not telling you to watch Madonna, but integrate ideas from disparate sources

For the professional, LinkedIn is a synonym for networking. One of the most popular sites for business connectivity, the firm has reached the 100 million user mark and is increasing. Founded in 2002, and launched in May 2003, it took LinkedIn six years to reach 50 million users, and it took only a year and a half for the business social network to double that number.

The team has released an infographic which shows that for more than 7-plus years of its existence, LinkedIn dominates its own social niche of business users. As a committed bunch of professionals gravitate to increasingly use the network to fuel their own aspirations, LinkedIn can be effectively leveraged as a tool.

1.Networking: LinkedIn is about connecting people and it can be extremely useful tool to connect with colleagues, friends, classmates etc. There are multiple uses of the social network that can be extrapolated from past experience.

2.Headline: Your LinkedIn Headline is a branding opportunity. When another user searches the LinkedIn database, the name and headline are incredibly useful.

3.Summary: Tell your story the way you want. With experts giving advice left, right, and center, be free to experiment. Life is after all a creative journey, so make your own space.

4.Specialties: The specialties section is another interesting arena to create traction. So, if you like to party, read, just drink, or dance mention it in your LinkedIn profile. It gives a more personal insight into any individual.

5.Cross-Connect: If you have a blog, or any other URL, or Web tools such as Facebook and Twitter, Linkedin offers ways to use My Website, My Blog, and My Company as a link title. You can customize the link by giving it a unique name suitable to individual requirements, wherever a person is in the world.

6.Profile and Status Updates: This helps in creating visibility on the network. Update your status often so that the connections are identified of changes.

7.Flesh it Out: No, I am not telling you to watch Madonna, but integrate ideas from disparate sources. It gives the readers a more well-rounded perspective of your digital presence.

8.Facilitate The Conversation: Carry the narrative ahead. Cross-talk can be generated when there are enough inputs. It helps you emphasize the profile for any prospective viewer.

9.Speaking In Your Own Voice: Every thought is a statement, and each idea a reflection of your constantly evolving identity. Linkedin is a branding opportunity, whatever your vocation may be. Be receptive to changes.

10.Gauge A Sector’s Health: Most industries are constantly evolving, floundering or growing in any given segment. If you want to understand the dynamics of a sector, look at these ideas as a base, and then decide on trying to make a real difference.

11.Creating And Growing The Network: After the hard work of creating a network is done, try and make the LinkedIn identity a reflection of your aspirations, and take it to the next level.

As the social network matures, using LinkedIn definitely assists your long-term goals. Further evolution will happen as people discover newer ways of tapping into the network, and the creativity of the industry ecosystem refines thought and facilitates the business.

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