The increasing number of people online globally is a catalyst for better user experience and more immersive experiences.

New thoughts are often construed as a challenge; most of us never move out of our comfort zones and stop to reexamine basic tenets. This can be due to various factors: time, conditioning, knowledge or resistance.

Subtlety is not always a strong point; and the online universe is notoriously fickle. The future is here, and we know that most of us have different points of view. Evolution is multi-dimensional, and each new phase increases customer convenience, value and choice. Web sites earlier can be generally described as lacking in depth and focus.

Original content, like the article you are carefully reading, I assume differentiates the websites from the chaff, the thin content on the web.

An effective online presence is necessary, as most corporate boardrooms would be shocked to find a non-functional site. Creating a level playing field is essential as it is not the quantity that matters, but compelling ideas and a unique niche that can work wonders for your online presence.

A Brave New World

Internet visions with promise have always hogged the headlines. The early years of the dot-com era saw many booms and busts, and we have come a long way since then. But, the primacy of creating engaging online identities is critical for making the quantum leap towards winning the long-term battle.

As the web has matured, analytics plays a major role in ascertaining optimal use and long-term health. The power of social networking and online commerce forces most websites to consistently reexamine their priorities and innovate to create and sustain long-term traction.

The increasing number of people online globally is a catalyst for better user experience and more immersive experiences. While some of us hanker for mindless entertainment, many would find pleasure in more serious pursuits.

Considering the differences in demographics and psychographic factors, there is a pressing need to understand what serves client needs. Most of us are always looking for a visceral, incredibly detailed experience to make the web presence truly international.

The number of interactions between potential prospects and customers is a key barometer of effectiveness. Basic understanding of information architecture, Search Engine Optimization, and the right CMS goes a long way in transforming push into shove.

Analytics Mantras

Never make the cardinal mistake of not understanding what makes your brand tick. If there is no clarity on what direction you are going to take, then a major realignment and transformation can be hard. Well-defined metrics such as bounce rate, average time on site, page views and keywords help you get an integrated perspective of what any visitor is doing on any website.

Curation of content is now increasingly popular, and building a successful reporting strategy is a step in making analytics more intelligible to management and other stakeholders. Ideas should be clear, comprehensive, and more data points can help provide relevant context.

Generating more eyeballs and converting them into actionable clients is a real challenge. Also, do not get too hung up on analytics. Understanding what brings people to the site is part of the battle won. The other half is persuading them to buy into your core value proposition, which is relative.


Assisting clients with specific needs can help increase the overall sales conversion rate.Even with multiple analytics packages, the thing which sells any web property is passion.

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