Industry Insights

Industry Insights


Expert Insights: Best practices in each industry.

Digital Marketing Interest Groups: Establishing Standards

Jazzy ads may or may not sell products. For the digital marketer, networking is more important than ever before.

Making Your Online Presence Felt

Increasingly, the web dictates every aspect of our lives. Building an effective online presence is crucial for enterprise traction.

Six Degrees of Seperation: Making Effective Podcasts

As an increasingly tech-savvy demographic tunes in to different kinds of content, podcasts can prove to be a boon for the seasoned marketer.

Building An Online Reputation

Prospects increasingly research online when taking a business decision.

Leveraging Social Media For Brand Promotion

The power of social media has forced companies to rethink existing strategies. Is it worth going the extra mile?

Understanding Social Media Analytics

Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin are now part of pop culture. Global competition has forced companies to reexamine strategy paradigms.

Migrating Lotus Notes To SharePoint

Migration from Lotus Notes to SharePoint is increasingly popular. Planning a holistic strategy remains a challenge.

Benefits of Building Employee Intranets with SharePoint

Employee Intranets are a reflection of corporate brand identity and future aspirations. The SharePoint Architecture offers customers numerous benefits.

Agile Development: User-Driven Discipline

Proactive handling of development environments necessitates a bottoms-up approach.

Deriving Value From BPM Suites

BPM has long been part and parcel of industry jargon. Enabling the enterprise may soon become easier.