Industry Insights

Industry Insights


Expert Insights: Best practices in each industry.

Crafting A Mobile Application Strategy

Mobile application development is now increasingly part of marketing strategy.

Improving Transfer Pricing: Risk Management In Technology

Globalization necessitates the push towards transfer pricing. Although part of the tax system since the 1930s, it is now an integral part of corporate lexicon.

Making A Choice: The Right SaaS-based ITSM solution

With the SaaS-based ITSM market poised for a great leap forward, vendors need to urgently differentiate service offerings.

Aeronautical Communications: Creating An Impact

Aeronautical communication is one of the fastest growth areas for service providers. Increasingly mobile professionals

DNA-Based Computing: Catalyzing Biofusion

Biological systems have caught the attention of scientists lately.

Telematics: Driving Optimized Information Exchange

Customers want iPhones on wheels. Telematics promises to revolutionize corporate communication.

Quantum Cryptography: Uncertain Privacy

With business now shifting online 24x7,the esoteric art of quantum cryptography is poised for a great leap forward.

Corporate Governance and Information Technology

Technology governance is now integral to an organization's corporate roadmap.

Usability: Keeping It Simple

The online experience can be painful with minimal usability. Corporates are chalking out coordinated strategies...

Emerging Trends In Endpoint Encryption

Increasing emphasis on enterprise security spells boom-time for technology solution providers. Are endpoints really secure?