Industry Insights

Industry Insights


Expert Insights: Best practices in each industry.

Science Fiction And Technology Design

Technology design is now integral to the way products are positioned. Science fiction can help creative ideas transform into reality.

Augmenting The Managed Services Portfolio

With newer technologies on the anvil, managed services providers are looking to offer more services to their end consumers.

Building An Online Reputation

With online reputations constantly at risk, it is time companies gear up to face the rapidly changing dynamics of the volatile global marketplace.

The Digital Marketing Shift

With a number of online channels available to the prospective marketer, digital marketing seems to be set for take-off.

Life After Jobs: Where’s Apple Headed?

Responsible for some of the greatest tech innovations of our times, last week saw a unique twist in the story of Apple, and its legendary founder, Steve Jobs.

The Future Is: Convergence?

The next wave of convergence may be sooner than you think. We examine the current scenario, and potential for growth.

Blade Server Technology: Pros and Cons

Since the introduction of the first blade server architecture a decade back, enterprise computing has come a long way.

Cognitive Computing: The Next Wave

The human brain is one of the most complex machines ever devised. As researchers inch closer towards creating a chip that mimics the brain,cognitive computing promises to offer faster processing and self-aware capabilities.

Finding Humor in Technology

Information technology is often construed as drab, staid and nerdy. Finding the funny bone in geeks can be a sure-shot way to boost productivity.

Accelerating Business Analytics

The enterprise increasingly looks at business analytics as one of the most important weapons in its technology stack.