Industry Insights

Industry Insights


Expert Insights: Best practices in each industry.

Building Next-Generation Networks

The evolution of Next-Generation Networks promises to revolutionize the way enterprises operate.

Cloud Computing: The Real Deal

The advent of cloud-based applications has transformed technology. But with many practical challenges such as loss of control and lack of granularity, there still is debate on adopting the "cloud".

Challenges in Desktop Virtualization

With server virtualization now mainstream, enterprises increasingly look at individual desktops. As solutions claim to offer high-availability and scalability, desktop virtualization is gradually picking up.

Understanding Software Lifecycle Management

Software implementations can be some of the most painful exercises in IT. As business grows rapidly, managing the entire life-cycle can be one of the most tedious tasks for CXOs.

The Rise of Curation: A Web Revolution?

Social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter are part and parcel of our daily lives. Curation of content promises to create a wealth of opportunities for the discerning marketer.

Making Your ERP A Success Story

Today's ERPs have to contend with architecture, functionality and intrinsic enterprise constraints. With changes in the technology landscape, making your ERP a success is an interesting challenge.

Funding IT

The rapid growth of the sector makes funding information technology a fundamental issue in many technology agendas. The adoption of services globally, conventional sources of funding disappearing, are some core CXO issues.

Creating a Smart Enterprise

As a more concerted effort is made for IT organizations to optimize storage requirements, improving availability and lowering Total Cost of Ownership is a major challenge.

Unified Networks: Enabling Convergence

The increasing complexity of network architectures has accelerated the adoption of unified networks. Enterprise solutions are created so as to operate across several different networks with diverse capabilities.

Green Data Centers: Creating Sustainability

A push towards environmental sustainability is generating more interest in green data centers. Some key benefits include the saving of energy, reduction of carbon dioxide emission, and the promotion of recycling.