Industry Insights

Industry Insights


Expert Insights: Best practices in each industry.

WCM Consolidation: The FatWire Acquisition

Oracle's acquisition of FatWire has led to increased transaction in the Enterprise Content Management(ECM) space. With key players ousted from the race, increased consolidation and changing enterprise dynamics spell exciting times ahead.

Creating the Next Generation Data Center

The next generation data center environment needs to be service-oriented, scalable and secure. Organizations generally face considerable challenges when they need to create visibility and control in the enterprise.

Tablet Content: Creating A Whole New World

With an estimated 50 million tablets to be sold worldwide, content consumption is set to leapfrog. Market strategies need to continuously evolve to create focused and meaningful growth.

Enterprise Information Management

Handling business growth is a major challenge for the enterprise. As the amount of data increases, and solutions get increasingly complex, the need for an enterprise information system is even more critical.

Can Service-Oriented Architecture Drive Business Agility?

Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is an evolution of distributed computing. Enterprise agility depends on increased technology-business alignment, assessing needs comprehensively, and ensuring proper execution strategies for deployment.

Should CISOs Evolve Into Business Strategists

With the CISO a more ingrained element of the IT universe, there is a need to re-align business strategy with technology needs. Use, ownership, operation, involvement, influence and adoption of technology ensure a radical rethink in generating value.

Consumerization of IT: What Does The Enterprise Need?

The advent of smartphones, social media platforms, and web applications has catalyzed the enterprise. With the cloud ubiquitous, and social networking commonplace, consumerization is set to radically transform CIO agendas.

Productivity Enhancement:Generating Business Value

Enhancing productivity is associated with granular and holistic improvements.Creating business growth is a major challenge for the enterprise.

Employee Loyalty Programs: Making Every Person Count

In today's competitive global environment, loyalty programs are a sure-shot way to boost employee morale and reduce attrition. Customizing the program can prove to be a challenge.

Effective Tips for creating an Employee Intranet

Most corporates require an employee intranet for similar reasons: distribution of information, posting shared documents, and allowing access to specific applications.