Industry Insights

Industry Insights


Expert Insights: Best practices in each industry.

Integrating Technology with Business: Making the CIO visible

Technology and business are increasingly intersecting in a rapidly globalizing world. The new CIO has to be a trend-setter, allow freedom, and set up an environment that is an incubator for newer ideas.

Making Technology Agnosticism Work

With rapid deployments, round-the-clock implementations, and technology spreading its tentacles globally, there has to be considerable thought given to optimally use any tech know-how...

The Psychology of Technology: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

One of the most interesting aspects in enterprise productivity is individual and group psychology. Experts often grapple with a profound dilemma: creating a healthy, empowered and happy workplace.

Real Estate Bites: How Technology Can Drive Your Business

Real Estate is a complex and demanding field. Insightful use of technology by the industry can create a wealth of untapped opportunities.

Disruptive Innovation through Next Generation Analytics

Most traditional solutions are struggling in the enterprise space where data volumes are increasing exponentially. Can next-generation analytics be effective to ensure additional precision and insight?

Making SaaS Work For The Enterprise

While SaaS is part of the IT landscape for the past decade, adoption in enterprises has only picked up lately. Integrating into organization strategy requires creating different pricing models, ensuring 24x7 support, and building a rock-solid IT infrastructure.

One of the most promising technologies of the decade, context-aware computing is set to revolutionize the way enterprises collaborate. A dash of AI coupled with real-time business metrics will dynamically impact personal and corporate interactions.

Enterprise Architecture programs are one of the most intricate IT implementations.A clear, effective communications process goes a long way to ensure perfect alignment with corporate goals.

Business Continuity Planning is now an intricate part of global IT lexicon. Regardless of size, and across verticals, enterprises have adopted business continuity planning as a means to survive in a competitive business environment.

Modern business needs real-time operational metrics to create value in a dynamic, fast-paced world. The evolution of the company dashboard as a power-packed business intelligence tool promises to do just that.