The organization's most valued assets are people working there who individually and collectively contribute to achievement of the objectives of the business. But in today’s globalized world monitoring thousands of employees of multinational companies extending their reach across the globe is a tough task.

It calls for providing a common platform through which employees can collaborate, cooperate and communicate to get things done. Also key functions such as compensation, hiring, performance management, organization development, safety, wellness, benefits, employee motivation, communication, administration, and training needs a common interface.

At Dreamfire, we optimize workforce productivity and give each user with integrated tools he or she needs to access information and work efficiently. Our web portals can increase productivity while lowering deployment costs that gives each user personalized access to tools, data and expertise necessary.

Technology can ensure work allocation, efficient management of interactions with colleagues, customers and business partners – all delivered together within a familiar, unified browser interface.

By integrating email and instant messaging tools across applications, our portals can help even the most geographically distributed users to collaborate.

They can provide users access to HR self-service applications, and related ideas that help reduce administrative costs. Technology can deploy portal capabilities centrally according to defined roles, enabling simplified, inexpensive custom deployment and management as well as faster time to value.

Dreamfire portals and web applications increase workforce efficiency with automation, access to quick and timely information, monitoring and collaborative tools to synchronize and streamline the functioning of the organisation.


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