Service management integration is the glue that binds IT operations, ensuring consistent, high-quality service in today’s global outsourcing model.

The key value proposition for Managed Services is to deliver 'predictable services at an interesting cost' with continuous improvements and proactive value addition.  Usually, customers have to pay less for the same quality of service or get a higher quality of service for the same price over successive years.

Dreamfire’s Service Management solution help mitigate risk, optimize capabilities, and align IT with business objectives. Our service management draws on a wealth of practical experience in all major industries and thus is customized to your needs.

We have practical offers focused on value. Our services help you:

  • Improve cost-effectiveness and performance
  • Align your IT organization with business objectives
  • Increase transparency, visibility and flexibility
  • Reduce risk
  • Improve user experience

The success of your IT governance and service management framework depends on how efficiently and effectively tools and processes are managed. With a multi-dimensional view of your IT environment, we can:

  • Benchmark your existing governance model and service management processes against best practices.
  • Recommend an appropriate target based on your business model.
  • Identify a set of prioritized initiatives to help achieve your service management goals.

Thus we at Dreamfire aspire to deliver world-class service management at minimum cost and mitigated risk for maximizing output, efficiency, generation and an enhanced user experience.

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