Save time and effort with Cortana, your intelligent assistant.

Save time

Just ask, and Cortana will take care of everyday tasks

At home & work

Like the best real-life assistants, she’s available wherever life happens

Get organized

Cortana keeps track of reminders, lists, and calendars

Across devices

Windows 10 PCs, iPhone, Android, smart speakers, and more


Cortana throughout your day

Cortana is your assistant across your life. Ready on day one to provide answers and complete basic tasks.


What does Cortana do for you?

Cortana helps thousands of people each day. Here are a few of our favorite examples of how she does it, shared through Microsoft Rewards.

Cortina is amazing, it is like having a personal assistant right at your finger tips and it makes life so much easier not to mention it's fun using it.

Larry in Wisconsin

I love being able to ask Cortana questions that I need the answers to. To check my schedule or my calendar. Thanks Cortana for being a great assistant! Becky in Georgia It is very handy and quick to dictate an appointment, a reminder, or call someone, find a place & get directions - just with your voice - all with Cortana

Koby in California

Cortana has really helped me manages my schedules, from meetings to airline and hotel reservations, including notifications with the information I need at the time. I love her!

Jim in New York

Everyday, Cortana helps me organize my calendar. I go to meetings, classes, conferences because of the reminders that pops out. Cortana voice search is a real life assistant. Adarsh in Mississippi Cortana is a fun personal assistant and she's very helpful! I've found out more information from just asking Cortana than I have from trying to find it in books! I love Cortana!

Maria in New York

Cortana has been a huge help in my day-to-day life. She has allowed me to become more efficient and organized. That has been a life-long struggle to improve upon!

Bob in Florida

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