Global synergies are part and parcel of Dreamfire’s work ethic. The implementation and operation of Alfresco’s unique Enterprise Content Management requires multiple competencies and skils. As a leading technology consulting provider, Dreamfire has extensive experience implementing Alfresco solutions. A veteran team of communication experts, enterprise architects, content developers, designers and experienced coders help enterprises drive innovation.

Our unique expertise in Alfresco ECM helps shorten lifecycles and rapidly accelerate time-to-market. Holistic analysis of existing business processes is a fundamental building block of your ECM implementations. We incorporate ‘Best Practice’ methodologies culled from years of experience. This helps us gear planning and strategy specific with long-term customizable results.

Alfresco and Dreamfire offer best-of-breed solutions for the discerning client. Content models, workflows and user interfaces are described and designed for maximizing the strength of the technical solution. Our teams of experts assist in making organizational development easy. We make customized, scalable and individually unique solutions.


Our Services

  • Architecture Consulting
  • Managed Support Services
  • Health Check & Optimization
  • Development and Migration Services


Architecture Consulting:

We create intricate master plans to make your Alfresco architecture work. In-depth reviews of technical implementations help Dreamfire generate business success. Different aspects of business planning, such as goals, visions, strategies, capacity, scalability and governance problems are tackled by our holistic, comprehensive solution suite. Dreamfire creates compelling, persuasive solutions for dynamic professionals.

Managed Support Services:

Dreamfire has an impeccable track record of handling multivendor environments and creating out-of-the-box solutions to keep systems up and running 24 x 7. We help organizations with L1, L2, and L3 support for Alfresco and constant environment validation.

Health Check and Optimization:

Our experts recognize challenges that service organizations face in optimizing their systems to maximize performance. By closely assessing and accurately diagnosing system issues, we help enterprises better maintain ECM/WCM implementations in the long run. As a result of periodic health checks, service organizations will ensure that optimization solutions  perform at the highest levels possible.

Development and Migration Services:

At DreamFire, successful web projects are the result of proper project planning and a complete understanding of the project requirements by both the development team and every stakeholder. Our overall service methodology comprises of three main items. First is the project methodology that we use for proper project execution. Second is our RAMP (Risk mitigation, Adaptability, Maintainability, Performance) philosophy, the success criteria that each design approach is measured against. Third is our communication framework, to ensure both proper communication and accountability on the services that are being provided.



Alfresco is a registered trademark of Alfresco Software, Ltd. The services described in this page are meant for customers who use Alfresco products. Neither Alfresco nor DreamFire is endorsing or sponsoring the services or products of either entities.


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