Generating leads, increasing web traffic and creating interest in your products and services with refreshing, interesting and thought-provoking content is needed today.

Dreamfire has been providing Enterprise and web content management solutions for leading corporations globally. As worldwide leaders in providing internet marketing solutions, Dreamfire helps companies optimize business processes, organize and manage content, and makes record management more streamlined in fast-paced environments with the best online ideas.

Ideas need to be spot-on, simple and concise. As providers of astute web lifecycle management solutions, we offer holistic services, designed to help marketing and IT teams from having to manage complex changes in infrastructure and code. We drive campaigns from conceptualization through to implementation. Our team leverages tools and builds processes that result in accelerated release cycles, improved efficiency of internal marketing and IT teams, more speed-to-market, as well as creating cost savings.

Dreamfire understands core (Web Content Management) WCM design: information architecture, usability and product design that encompass presentation, interaction and organization of online services. On the internet, most people are now actively scouting for differentiation, or an immersive experience.

Our Ground-breaking WEM solutions help interactive marketers face business challenges; firms enhance their engagement with clients, empower internal stakeholders and support dynamic pages analyzed for content assets and relevant target audiences.

Seamless lead management is possible through end-to-end integration; part of our DNA. We do not stop merely at process redesign, but back it up with vendor relationship ideas, CRM solutions, loyalty systems, and granular analytics.

With full-service offerings for various clients, we make it startlingly easy to create a consistent, relevant brand across websites, the social media space, and the email universe. Instant, on-time accessibility is something customers require urgently. We help every audience to quickly become producers and quickly get their ideas online via simple, template-driven interfaces.

Our extensive experience is now translated into a few home truths:

  • We rely extensively on the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) stack. Varied business environments have given us perspective on how Web Content management systems operate.
  • Full project management ideas; including in-depth sectoral analysis, extensive programming capabilities, training and round-the-clock support for diverse frameworks such as DrupalFatwireAlfresco and a wide variety of proprietary and open source CMSes.

Drupal: As an open source content management system, Drupal is unmatched. It can be used to create corporate websites, community portals, e-commerce applications, social networking sites, etc. Customization is a strong point as multiple modules are available for blog creation, peer-to-peer networking, podcasting, newsletters, picture galleries, forum etc. It is a CMS of choice for small and medium-sized enterprises. Dreamfire knows Drupal. We can provide expert answers and support in every step of the development cycle. Fatwire: Deployed in Fortune 500 organizations including the New York Times, Apple, and Business Week, the FatWire Content Server is an unmatched CMS that allows users to create interesting templates along with the benefit of a robust back-end database. However, in a real-world scenario, extracting content and other development hassles can create complications. Our FatWire consultants have years of experience in implementation in busy corporate environments. With proven methodologies, Dreamfire is a partner of choice. Alfresco: One of the most popular and acceptable Java-based Enterprise Content Management systems, Alfrescoprovides document management, a web content framework, records and knowledge integration, along with an imaging and content repository. As an exclusive partner, Dreamfire provides support, maintenance and consultancy services for installation and implementation.

Our company delivers Web content management systems that place more responsibility on marketing professionals and seasoned practitioners. With most of these methods, interactive web sites can be created and visitor communication done with the help of media including on-line forms, newsletters, blogs, forums or polls. User experience is a focal point in creating a dynamic brand identity.

We pride ourselves on being WCM experts. Our clients not only love our design expertise,and prowess with content, they also adore our awesome coding skills running behind the scenes catalyzing business decisions.


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