In the new era of conversational economy, customers desire connection, conversation and interaction.

Our web strategy consulting services help enterprises to optimize their digital channels to acquire new customers, capture customer insight and deliver personalized content that leads to increased conversion rates and brand engagement.



  1. WCM (Web Content Management) system driven website
  2. Fresh and rich content
  3. Search engine and social media optimization
  4. Web analytics
  5. Integrated lead management



A Web Content Management System (WCM) is a software tool used by both technical and non-technical staff to manage the creation of structured web pages for a web based experience such as an Intenet website, Intranet or Extranet solution.


  1. It enables information to be fresh, consistent & high quality.
  2. It facilitates the re-use of content and enables decentralized content creation through centralized workflow, approval process and rules.
  3. It enhances productivity and job satisfaction of the web team



  1. Better demand generation and reduced sales cycles
  2. Improved brand and corporate communications
  3. Better talent acquisition capability
  4. Investor confidence
  5. Reduced transaction cost


Enriched customer experience is the most important way to grow a business today. One of the major obstacles to web experience management is lack of measurement. Customer experience enhancement starts with data; where they come from, what they seek, why & where the leave etc. Our web strategy consulting liverages on analytics dashboards that provide actionable insights into the traffic to a website.

Our web strategy consulting engagement involves translation of organizational objectives and values into high-level management directives. Our unique perspective ensures that tactics of web site development align with an overall corporate vision.

An effective Web strategy should address not just how an organization can address wants and needs of its customer or user base, but also how the user experience happens operationally.

Today, in addition to familiar Internet Marketing techniques like Search Engine Optimisation, we also have sources of traffic and buzz via proliferating social networks.

Tagging and bookmarking of web pages along with syndication of content using RSS, linkability by adding blogs, white papers, articles, resource sections, podcasts, videos, slideshows et al goes a long way in generating interest.

Fostering an online community through forums, discussion groups, personalization of the web experience for the end-user, e-commerce and interlinking of web channels are tools to increase your web presence exponentially.

Dreamfire increases your brand visibility by pushing it across right channels to market your products and services.

We also promote the proper environment to foster and promote your brand name. Knowing the web and your business goes a long way in finding the winning equation that gives your business the additional sheen.


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