Corporations valued employee engagement as one of the greatest factors in their current & future success. Most of us tend to think of it in straitjacketed terms: birthday and anniversary celebrations, offsite parties, in-house events, cultural programs etc. & while they do have their merits but they no longer provide any unique edge in new age.

However, In every organization, there is a tendency to miss the wood for the trees. We tend to ignore serious matters in all the frivolity. Industry best practices revolve around catalyzing innovation and creating business value. Employee engagement revolves around integrity: actions usually speak louder than words.

Rapid attrition can be a result of not paying enough attention to real employee concerns. It’s not always those bulky hikes that could be blamed but more often than not it’s the feeling, “Am I being heard?” Needless to say  ‘heard’ here represents the spectrum of things & not just the function of listening. These spectrum works on one’s mind while choosing to be an ambassador of his company versus walking away.  Admittedly, the mirror has two faces. A positive attitude, a spirit of camaraderie, and a level of commitment can take any firm to the zenith.

Innovative Approach

At EMC, we have a culture that fosters innovation. As a leading technology company, we are driven to perform, partner and execute. Our proactive approach is to go about jobs with a passion for results. At the same time, we do not negate the value of human capital. And that’s why we continuously try to innovate in the area which is core to our heart, “Employee Engagement”

 Although fun is an important part of our corporate life, and we actively encourage an offbeat, spontaneous, and an off-the-cuff approach, EMC believes that engagement is a serious topic. Human psychology is driven by multiple factors: some of the most important are right recognition for exhibiting right behavior & financial rewards linked to consistency of the same. However, a passion for work, enthusiasm and commitment can make employees happy.

Most staff values a positive spirit, a sense of empathy, understanding, and opportunities for genuine growth. Managing employee sensitivities is a fine art that requires finesse and incredible patience. A direct correlation with company profitability can help achieve better performance and superior business results.

 Motivated employees are brand ambassadors. A positive vibe about the company helps enhance market equity. A continuous process of measuring, analyzing, defining and then implementation makes any employee engagement policy feasible and sustainable over the long-term.

Psychological Manna

Industrial and organizational psychology reiterates how a strong connect works wonders. When leaders encourage bold thinking and candor as a means of sustained employee engagement, strong vibes percolate as a culture where employee & employers both emerge as a winner. At EMC, we believe open lines of communication facilitate our rapid growth.

Tomorrow’s workforce requires proactive mentoring and support. As leaders in creative execution, we believe in going the extra mile. The company ethos believes in recognition, reward and continuous realignment with changing business paradigms. There are times where we have disproportionate focus on few things. Changing weights can communicate organization’s (changed) strategic focus, working as light-house, guiding employees in the direction that organization wants to take.

With more than three decades of industry experience, EMC remains committed to making employees a valuable part of our growth story.  Maintaining a work-life balance is essential in creating real and meaningful relationships. Although platitudes are mouthed regularly, the sad reality is that ensuring a successful program is a long-drawn, cumbersome process in many places.

 Proactive responses to employee engagement woes include flattening the chain of command, providing training for first-line managers- where rubber meets road and creating better internal communications. When we recognize the value of our internal workforce, then there can be diligent appraisal of where our true strengths lie. Sorting out existing warts in the woodwork is made easy when the employee engagement program can relate to most important stakeholders in the organization.

DISCLAIMER : The above is the author's personal opinion and is not the opinion or policy of his employer.